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    PowerVU Emu


    V 3.2.0
    - Fixed UnmaskMode03 issues.
    V 3.1.0
    - Added hash mode 15 & 16 support.
    V 3.0.0
    - Added extra ECM bytes handling with 2 new modes: mode cw and mode unmask. Only modeCw/Unmask = 0 & 3 are implemented.
    V 2.9.1
    - Fixed EcmCounter of channels with extra data byte.
    V 2.9
    - Added nano $20 extra data processing support.
    V 2.8
    - Improved hash mode 0 handling for CSA based channels.
    V 2.7
    - Improved hash mode 0 handling for DES based channels.
    V 2.6
    - Added CSA processing support for (if (emm_ecm[3] & 0xF0) == 0x50)).
    V 2.5
    - Added DCW post processing support for (if (emm_ecm[3] & 0xF0) == 0x50)).
    V 2.4
    - Added ECM and EMM Unmasking support (if (emm_ecm[3] & 0xF0) == 0x50)).
    V 2.3
    - Added `Antena 3/South America` support (A PowerVU variation with a special XOR mode).
    - Added record raw ECM option.
    V 2.2
    - Improved EMM and ECM Decryption modes (Added different S-Boxes support).
    V 2.1
    - Added multiple audio PIDs support.
    V 2.0
    - Added ProgDVB support. 
    Tested with ProgDVB7.09.2d X86 (version "d" or newer).
    V 1.9
    - Added an offline .ts file decryption tab. It has the HSD (High Speed Data) decryption support too.
    V 1.8
    - Added TSReader ( support.
    V 1.7
    - Improved the CAT section of the DVBDream's implementation.
    - Added a general MD-API support.
    MD-API support doesn't work right now. DVB-App developers need to change their applications slightly:
    1) PID = (PID | 0x8000) means please send TS-188, instead of TS-184.
    2) Use the modified TS buffer after its changes in the plugin. 
    The plugin will change the Audio and Video buffers and these buffers shouldn't be immutable.
    This method is more general, maintainable and future proof. 
    Let the plugins to do the CSA/DES part, by modifying the TS buffers and then use the modified buffer.
    The same method is in use for DVB-Viewer-Pro plugins and DVB-Dream modules.
    MD-API support partially works with TSReader ( You can try `Options menu -> Record the decrypted Audio+Video` of the plugin.
    Which means requesting `PID | 0x8000` sends TS-188, but the modified buffer won't be used by the application.
    Also ProgDVB supports requesting `PID | 0x8000`. But it doesn't open the video and audio filters for encrypted channels.
    V 1.6
    - Added EMM support (Auto update). 
    EMM Key format:
    P UA 00 EMMKey ; comments
    UA = Unique Address = 4 Bytes (8 characters)
    After entering your EMM key in softcam.key file, select the `Active` checkbox in EMM tab and wait.
    V 1.5
    -  Added DVBDream support.
    Copy its .dll, .ini & Softcam.Key files to the `Modules` folder of the DVBDream. Then change the extension of the .dll file to .mod.
    - Improved the ECM decryption of CSA mode (MEASAT, 91.5E).
    V 1.4
    - Added CSA mode (30W 12092V, 4W 10842H).
    - Improved the PMT parsing.
    V 1.3
    - Added `keys auto try` mode. The Emu will try all of the available keys to find the working one automatically.
    It lets you to have duplicate idents for different channels. 
    In this case, idents and indexes are not important anymore.
    - Both of these key formats are acceptable now (to avoid having duplicate idents):
    P Ident KeyIndex Key ; Comments
    P IdentVideoPidAudioPid KeyIndex Key ; Comments
    Such as: 
    P F861 01 key ; bwtv, 13.0°E 11054-H-27500
    P F86100D200C8 01 key ; bwtv, 13.0°E 11054-H-27500
    A key with `IdentVideoPidAudioPid` has a higher priority.
    VideoPid or AudioPid should be 4 characters long.
    V 1.2
    - Fixed PMT parsing of channels like `ID XTRA`.
    V 1.1
    - Fixed glitches of DES mode.
    V 1.0
    - First public release.
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    V 3.3.0
    - Added more hash modes support (Set 19).


      PowerVuEmu.3.4.0 & 3.4.1

      V 3.4.0
      - Added new menu options to `Record unmasked EMM` and `Record unmasked ECM`. Its output (unmasked data) is useful for `PowerVu.HomeEdition`.


        PowerVuEmu 3.5.0 & 3.6.0

        V 3.6.0
        - Added Compel support, 4.8E 12379 H (ATG EU BSS & K75 International).
        You can define these types of channels in `PowerVuEmu.ini` file, under the `others` section. Its format is `pmt:sid;`.  
        V 3.5.0
        - Fixed 166E issues.
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          PowerVuEmu 3.7.0 & 3.7.1

          V 3.7.1
          - Improved Rosscrypt1's key detection.
          V 3.7.0
          - Added Rosscrypt1 (CA-ID=0xA101) support:
          40.0E 3675 R 33483
          53.0E 3675 R 33483
          80.1E 10981 V 33483
          It doesn't need any additional settings. So you shouldn't set `Compel_PMT_SID` for it. This setting will cause conflicts here. 
          Tune to one of the Rosscrypt channels and wait. Emu will find its xor-key.